Religion on the move

In Europe we know too little about the way in which religion travels along with migrants and becomes a field of engagement and accommodation, rather than tension and exclusion.

The project 'Religions on the move' looks at both these aspects and explore the cultural dynamics of «migrating» religions and their links to popular and traditional culture and changing ethnic identification.

Migration is often characterized as problematic and conflict-ridden. However, religion is an area in which immigrants and «hosts» not only clash but also meet peacefully.

This joint project elaborated by three European research centres in different local settings of the European continent aims at investigating the relation between migration and religious and cultural change.

Religious changes in ideational content as well as cultic expressions have proven to be a striking trait of our late modern, globalized era. Investigating the field of «religions on the move» is therefore vital in all areas where increased understanding of cultural and social change is needed.

As religions move they meet and religious encounters may enhance the dynamics of religious transformation. «Religions on the move» employs the idea of migration as a flux of ideas and practices.

Religion on the move