The overall umbrella for the project is the transformation of culture and life in cities and involves four separate but closely related initiatives for five years beginning in 2006.

These initiatives are research, education/training, culture capitals in general and Stavanger and Liverpool 2008.

Individual and cross partner studies of selected cities, spaces and design and management approaches. Specific activities include: 

  • Focused studies of past, present and future European Cultural Capitals
  • Partner planning workshop to develop research agenda
  • Development of grant proposals
  • Research seminars on open urban spaces 
  • Development of a toolkit of best practices 

Education and training
Individual and cross partner educational and professional training activities such as courses, studios, seminars and exchange visits of students and faculty. Specific activities include:

  • Bi-annual International Summer Course involving students and faculty from partner universities (including UCD and UIS students and faculty) 
  • Professional training workshops with partner countries 
  • Development of course materials 
  • Joint studio projects on open urban spaces

Cultural Cities
Individual and cross partner documentation and case studies of cultural cities. Specific activities include: 

  • Development of research network
  • Identification of essential qualities of cultural cities 
  • Site visits to selected cities 
  • Case studies of 6–8 cultural cities

Stavanger/Liverpool 2008
Individual and cross partner studies and applied projects related to 2008 Cultural Capitals. Specific activities include:

  • Site visits 
  • Exchanges 
  • Local workshops (including transforming spaces in Stavanger) 
  • Design and management experiments
  • International conference (as part of 2008 activities) 
  • Making Cultural Public Space Book (with case studies, toolkit and best practices)
  • Project evaluation