OPUS is organized by The University of Stavanger and The University of California. Please email us if you have any kind of questions.

Research Network
The OPUS project involves several interregional and trans national co-operations. It will also include stakeholders and decision-makers from cultural institutions, local and regional governments, the private sector, and education and educational institutions - first on a regional level and then on a trans-national level by networking these regional stakeholders and decision-makers.

The OPUS project is based in the Urban Design Research Group at the University of Stavanger. The project also has a strong link to the United States with the participation of Professor Mark Francis, University of California, Davis, as one of the initiators.

The network contains three main groups of collaborating partner cities: European Capitals of Culture, upcoming Capitals of Culture and other cities. The following institutions are founding partners in the project:

  • School of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University, Denmark (Gitte Marling, Hans Kiib)
  • ABCittà, Urban Futures Lab, Milan, Italy (Raymond Lorenzo)
  • Department of Architecture, Lund University, Sweden (Mattias Kärrholm, Tomas Wikström) 
  • Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (Ombretta Romice) 
  • Department of Infrastructure KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (Krister Olsson, Jerker Söderlund) 
  • Department of Civic Design, University of Liverpool, UK (David Massey, David Shaw) 
  • Cracow University of Technology, Inst of urban design (Kinga Racon . Leja)
  • OPENspace Research Centre, Edinburgh College of Art/Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK (Leslie Forsyth, Alicia Montarzino, Catharine Ward Thompson)
  • School of Architecture, TU Graz, Institut für Städtebau und Umweltgestaltung, Graz, Austria (Anna M. Hohmann-Vogrin,Grigor Doytchinov )