About the Centre for Innovation Research

New ideas and concepts are the key to prosperity and to the wealth and wellbeing of nations, regions and individuals. As the world becomes more globalized, the advanced, high-wage economies must rely on their applied inventiveness to maintain their future prosperity. This has become an imperative for a rich country like Norway and its oil capital the city region of Stavanger.

Furthermore, there is also growing expectations that a large public sector should offer improved and easily accessed services, efficiently produced by innovative processes and distribution channels. Hence the need both for radical reforms and continuous user led innovations. Not surprisingly therefore, innovation has become a major field of study in economics, management, sociology, science and technology, and history. 

The University in Stavanger (UiS) and IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger - now NORCE) therefore established a joint centre for innovation research. Realizing that most innovation processes take place in organizations, studies of the micro foundations and management of these processes in enterprises and the public sector are essential. Our collaborative studies with industry and governments inform policy and strategy regionally, nationally and internationally.

UiS and IRIS (NORCE) are very grateful to the Stavanger based Gjedebo family for their donation that has made the centre possible. Read more about the donation here.
The Board:

Tone Haraldsen (Head of Board),Head of Agder Regional Research Fundation (Norwegian site)
Heidi Wiig Aslesen, Professor, BI
Terje Handeland, CEO, Ipark
Aina Haug,Country Manager Lærdal
Bjarte Ravndal, Head of UiS Business School 
Einar Leknes, Research Director, IRIS
Eric Brun, Vice Dean, UiS Faculty of Science and Technology

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