Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange

The DOD Project will be presented with three papers at the ACERE Conference in Brisbane, Australia 6 - 9 of February 2018.

ACERE stands for Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange. Initiated by Professor Murray Gillin AM and inspired by the Babson College Entrepreneurship Conference (BCEC) in the United States, these conferences were organised annually by Swinburne University (and co-hosts around Australia and New Zealand) under the label “AGSE IERE” (2004-2011). Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) has produced the ACERE Conference since 2012. This work was organized by Per Davidsson, and in 2018 he and his team his hosting this conference in Queensland University of Technology.

Three papers have been accepted to the conference:

  • Thapa, R. and Iakovleva, T. Digitalization and responsibility as a driver for new entrepreneurial business models. Case of e-health.
  • Laudal, T. and Iakovleva, T. Empowering the users - Implications of digitization for innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare
  • Oftedal, E., Iakovleva, T. and  Foss, L.. Achieving Strategic Fit through or RRI. The case of e-Health sector in Norway