Workshop «Digitalize or Die» Project 24 January 2017

The Workshop was organized due to the visit of our Australian partner, Professor Per Davidsson, Director of Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Queensland University of Technology. Davidsson has over 18 000 citations and is well-respected researcher in the fields of entrepreneurship. He I currently reseThe arching on issues related to digitalization and entrepreneurship and is a partner in DoD project.

In addition to research team from University of Stavanger (Professor and project Leader Tatiana Iakovleva and Phd Student Raj Kumar Thapa, dr Thomas Laudal, Professor Rune Fitjar, professor Bjørn Asheim) and research team from Artic University of Tromsø (Professor Lene Foss and dr Elin Oftedal), also our bsuienss partners participated: Dagfinn Wåge from Lyse AS and Arild Kristensen from NSCC, as well Kristin Hetland from Greater Stavanger.

We shared preliminary research results and got presentations from our business and regional partner on their strategy on Responsible Research and Innovation in our region.