How to solve problems of 1.3 billion tonnes of annual food waste? Kickoff for the iProcess project.

Centre for Innovation Research at UiS and IRIS as one of the major partners in this important research project, attended the official kickoff for the iProcess in Trondheim April 26-27th 2016.

Group picture of partners attending th kickoff for iProcess in Trondheim 26th of April 2016 Kickoff for iProcess in Trondheim 26th of April 2016

iProcess’s main objective is to develop novel concepts and methods for flexible and sustainable food processing in Norway – that are to cope with small volume series and high biological variation of the existing raw materials – to enable increased raw material utilization for food products and to increase profitability.

These concepts will enable the Norwegian food industry to overcome its long-term national important challenge regarding increased sustainability of raw material use and reduction of loss (edible)/waste (inedible) in a lifecycle context.

Professor Ragnar Tveterås, Head of Centre for Innovation Research, UiS-IRIS is leader of the Work Package 5, Value chain startegi in the project.

The iProcess project main goal is to develop results which will be of great importance for both Norwegian and international food industry, including both green and blue sector. For the project to succeed, it will need to share findings both national and international in an efficient manner.

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