NOK 4 million to young top researcher at the Centre for Innovation Research

Professor Rune Dahl Fitjar from the Centre for Innovation Research and UiS Business School is granted NOK 4 million to do research through a new top-level research programme at the University of Stavanger.

The University of Stavanger (UiS) in cooperation with the University Fund have started a research program for outstanding young researchers at the UiS. The budget for the program is 50-60 million NOK and 2015 is the first year the program is effective.

Innovation Research
Professor Rune Dahl Fitjar is associated with the Center for Innovation Research (CIR). He have a large research production and in 2013 he received the University of Stavanger Research Award.

Fitjars major research project is about how university, government and business can promote regional development and innovation in a global economy. Part of this project is about the interplay between research, policy and regional innovation. A key question is how regional cultural and political processes form framework for regional development and innovation - politically, economically and culturally.

- Fitjar is helping to generate new and important knowledge. Regional development and innovation are a growing field of research at the University of Stavanger, in addition, the field within UiS its strategy, says Director of Research,Troels Jacobsen