Stavanger Innovation Summit 2009

The first-ever Stavanger Innovation Summit took place the 15th-16th June 2009 at the University of Stavanger.

Stavanger Innovation Summit (Click here for photographs)

The conference started out the evening of 14 June with a welcome reception at the Petroleum Museum hosted by the Mayor of Stavanger, Leiv Johan Sevland.

The plenary sessions began on Monday 15 June with Dr. Andrew Pettigrew of the Säid Business School at the University of Oxford with his lecture entitled, ?Leadership, Innovation and Organisational Performance?.  Following Dr. Pettigrew?s contribution, we heard from three separate panels addressing the main theme of the conference: Transforming City Regions.

World Energy Cities

First we heard from representatives from Houston, Calgary, Aberdeen and Stavanger, moderated by Helge O. Bergesen of UiS, on the topic of transformation in World Energy Cities. This panel focused on the relationship between energy, environment, urbanization and the need for innovation.

Following the politicians, moderator Johan Roos interacted with round-table of panelists from industry. These Managers were from Abelia, Acergy, Statoilhydro and Lyse Energy, and they were sharing perspectives on their own roles and expectations of local knowledge institutions and politicians.


The afternoon session was moderated by Per Olof Berg and was comprised of experts on Glasgow, Stavanger and Liverpool. The panelists were sharing what kind of impact the Capitol of Cultures (as mega events) have had or are expected to have in city transformation processes and how they may stimulate creative initiatives and shape identities. 


The second day was a showcase of the Centre?s current work, and a sample of the type of
research we will support in the future. These four tracks were intensive sessions for presenting papers, thoughts about how research could be further carried out, and included dialogue with current (and future) international collaborators.
To learn more about one of our projects please read the article, "Avliver myten om næringsklyngene?.

The Centre

The Centre opened its doors last September, with projects funded and commencing in October 2008. We held 6 workshops during 2008-2009, culminating with the Stavanger Innovation Summit last week.

After the Summer break, we will be announcing further funding opportunities, have ambitions to hire more staff, and will continue to hold workshops and arrange our yearly conference in June. We hope to work with interested researchers during the course of the next year!