Workshop Track 2: Innovation Processes’ in firms

Presentations from this track are being made available for download on our website as they become available to us.



About the Track:

Innovation represents a move out into contexts where some elements are bound to be new and unknown. Uncertainty and ambiguity are therefore inevitable ingredients in innovation processes, and understanding how to manage it is therefore essential in order to manage innovation. Practitioners struggle daily with uncertainty and ambiguity in their innovation projects, and although many researchers have addressed how innovation projects can be managed, many aspects of uncertainty and ambiguity in innovation is still not well understood.


Radical innovations meet many hurdles when being introduced to the market. How radical innovations are commercialised is not well understood in the innovation literature, and practitioners struggle with legitimizing new products in their environment. Dynamic capabilities are essential for confronting the salient challenges to a firm?s ability to innovate within their respective marketplace.  

This track is open for research contributions that address problems related to managing innovation processes in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity and to bringing dynamic innovations to the market and to other related themes concerning innovation in firms. The session is also open for contributions from industrial practice.


Chair and Co-Chair:

Eric Brun

Eric Brun is an Assistant Professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Department for Business Administration, Norway.  He has taught at UiS since 2001, lecturing courses on product development and innovation management.  Eric Brun holds a Masters Degree ( in Medical Technology from NTNU - the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  Prior to joining UiS, he worked in the medical device industry, mainly involved in developing and launching medical training products. Other work experience includes business research related to product commercialisation and diffusion of environment and energy technologies. Eric Brun is currently embarked on a PhD program in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU.  The title of his PhD dissertation is ?Understanding and Managing Ambiguity in New Product Development; Lessons from the Medical-Device Industry?. His main research interests are: management of innovation processes, organizational knowledge development and learning and qualitative research methods.


Lene Foss

Lene Foss holds a Ph.D from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen. She is Associate Professor in entrepreneurship and organizational development at Tromsø Business School, University of Tromsø . She has published in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research,  European Journal of Marketing, Systemic Practice and Action Research, Nordic Organization Studies, and in international edited books.  Foss has co- edited two anthologies: Enterprise Development in Theory and Practice (with Odd Nordhaug) Entrepreneurship, Gender, Life Course and Place (with Nina G. Berg). She has been on the Editorial board of Academy of Management Journal and serves now on the board of International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship.  Her current research interests are narrative and discursive approaches within the field of entrepreneurship and organizational development.