Workshop Track 3: Innovative City Regions: the role of government and regional leadership

Presentations from this track are being made available for download on our website as they become available to us.



About the Track:

In a global context, cities and city regions are the dominating arena when it comes to innovation of new products and services. Public authorities are viewed as important external actors in the development of innovation systems. In this workshop we will focus on the role of government in these processes. This track examines different aspects concerning the development of innovative city-regions, including the role of leadership.

Chair and Co-Chair:

Arild Aurvåg Farsund Senior Research Scientist Arild Aurvåg Farsund (Dr. Polit.) at International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), Norway. Farsund has 15 years of research experience from IRIS. One of his research themes is region and regionalisation, with a special focus on economic development policy in city-regions.

Professor Markku Sotarauta, University of Tampere, Finland. Professor Sotarauta is head of the Department of Regional Studies and Director, Research Unit for Urban and Regional Development Studies.