Releasing the Power of Users

Our project is focused on the health care sector and our main aim is to amlify users voices in this sector in particular when applying digital technology.

Health and techonolgy - doctor online

Innovation involves creating value from ideas, but this raises the question of for whom is the value created?

At a time when there is growing recognition of Global Challenges, responsible research and innovation (RRI) is suggested as a way to govern innovation development to address challenges populations face, such as poverty, inequality, aging population and availability of quality healthcare.

Such principles suggest a broader stakeholder inclusion into the decision-making process, anticipation of societal needs and reflection of concerns, which calls for new innovation policies.

1 million EUROS over 4 years

Our project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and aims to develop and extend the Responsible Research and innovation (RRI) and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frameworks to make them accessible and useful tools for practitioners.

It focuses on the inclusion of diverse users in innovation processes and creating of innovative eco-system where stakeholders in the e-health sector - system integrators, municipalities, healthcare professionals, small and start-up entrepreneurs and end users, can co-create innovations together in a “safe spaces” within which experimentation, prototyping, learning from “intelligent failure” can take place.

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