Research Projects funded externally

Ongoing research projects of researchers affiliated with the Center for Innovation Research:

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    Digitalize or Die - Dynamic Drivers of Responsible Research and Innovation in Health and Welfare services

    Norwegian Research Council have granted 10 million NOK to the  research project  «Digitalize or Die: Dynamic Drivers of Responsible Research and Innovation in Health and Welfare services” within SAMANSVAR program. The project owner is University of Stavanger, Center for Innovation Research. Dr. Tatiana Iakovleva is a project leader of an international research team, including researchers from Portugal, USA, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Australia. Industrial partners, such as Lyse ASA, Smart Care Cluster, Greater Stavanger and Norwegian Center for Telemedicine will provide empirical basis for the project. Project started in March 2016 and will last for thee years. Read more about the project.


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    Education towards research and innovation development

    Education towards research and innovation development

    The educational offer of Polish universities is not fully adjusted to the requirements of the labor market and pro-innovation aspirations of the country and the European Union. Programs related to R&D project management and knowledge transfer are not present in the offer of HEIs, but offered only in the form of post-graduate programs and courses. Thanks to the cooperation of key institutions from Poland and Norway, the project has lead to development of an innovative curriculum for a new specialization of Master studies, which will correspond to these needs. Read more about the project.

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    Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies

    The accessibility of regions is a clear advantage in terms of their social-economic development. With new technologies, such as satellite and integrated sensor networks, transport and accessibility of remote areas can be improved in innovative ways. We intend to develop and test innovative tools for efficient, user- and environment-friendly transport networks across the NSR. Project contact: Jan Frick

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    Economic Efficiency and Distribution in a regional perspective: Norwegian Fisheries

    The project will investigate the potential efficiency gains among different gear-and vessel groups from deregulations of resource allocation and technical regulations. Further, the project accounts for the institutional implications of regulatory changes, in order to oprationalize potential e fficiency gains at the regional level. Project contact: Frank Asche

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    Sustainability and local community acceptance as determinants of industry structure and growth

    This project is organized in three work packages to shed light on the main objective from different angles: (1). To obtain information about factors that prevent and promote harmonic coexistence of aquaculture with other interests and values in coastal communities; (2). A quantitative approach to shed light on the importance of different types of external economies of scale and to what extent these are influenced by location (municipality) and industry structure; (3) Use the results from the two previous work packages to investigate the foundations for sustainable increase in the Norwegian salmon production. Project leader: Ragnar Tveterås

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    Fillet-O - Industrialized slaughter of Atlantic salmon: Direct processing and superchilling

    If the salmon industry in Norway managed to increase salmon processing the cost for filleting must be reduced significantly, in addition to the raw material beeing utilized better. The project Fillet-O is a collaboration between industry and researchers to achieve this goal over a project period from 2014-2017. Project contact: Frank Asche.

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    New technology for a profitable white fish industry

    The project aims to develop the necessary knowledge and technology to increase the sustainability and profitability of production of cod in Norway, and put players in a position to meet market requirements for safe seafood products of high quality year-round. Project contact: Ragnar Tveterås

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    Exploring the role of VRI in regional innovation system formation and new path development

    This project will examine the impact of the VRI program (Instruments for Regional R&D and Innovation) on the development of regional innovation systems in Norway. Project leader: Bjørn Terje Asheim

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    Path development in different regional settings. Regional policy approaches in the global economy

    The proiject will examine more closely how regional development and innovation take place in the four counties represented by the partner institutions; Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland and Finnmark. Project leader: Rune Dahl Fitjar

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    Academic entrepreneurship – from university research to implementation and commercialization of innovations – a comparative study

    Our aim is to strengthen the knowledge about how collaboration and entrepreneurial education in universities is conducive to the implementation and commercialization of research-based innovations. Local project leader: Tatiana Iakovleva

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    Regional Spin-off Akselerator

    Bedrifter i Rogaland får lite avkom i form av spin-off-verksemder. Kan ein regional spin-off-akselerator bidra til meir nyetablering? Lokal prosjektkontakt: Tatiana Iakovleva

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    OPLOG- Arctic operational logistics and business process management…

    This project emphasizes the operational logistics challenges of oil and gas activity in Arctic waters. We contribute to the development of value chain-integrated business process management models that may increase logistics quality, efficiency and safety in high turbulent maritime contexts. Project contact UiS: Tatiana Iakovleva

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    Modelling Fishery Landings Locations and Product Forms

    The main objective of this project is to investigate fishers´ choice of landing location, and to what extent they process the fish on the trip to the landing location given their catch for the Norwegian whitefish sector. Project leader: Frank Asche

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    Capabilities for regional innovation in a globalizing world

    The project premises are that regional capabilities for innovation is a necessary response t o the challenges of globalization: more liberalized economies, far cheaper and accessible communications, and limited possibilities for firms and regions to hold on to comparative advantages

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    University-firm linkages as drivers of innovation

    This project addresses a central priority in the program: "the need for a more precise understanding of the role of research and innovation in firms and organizations, including how political and economic priorities and regulations impact actors and outcomes in the research and innovation system". Project leader: Martin Gjelsvik.

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    Salmon Lice. The effect on Reputation, Economics and Industry Development

    The main objective of this project is, from a social science perspective, to obtain a better understand of the consequences of increased prevalence and attention to the salmon lice in the salmon farming industry. Project leader: professor Frank Asche

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    Salmon Price Cycles

    The main objective of this project is to obtain better knowledge about salmon price volatility in general, and in particular to investigate to what extent the relative price cycles between different weight classes are changing over time. Project leader professor Ragnar Tveterås, UiS.