A meeting on LEAN

CIAM (Cluster on Industrial Asset Management) will use the HUB platform to set-up a series of meetings focusing on the topic of LEAN.

These HUB meetings are used as as venue where corporate employees and university employees come together to discuss current topics in their specialized field within Asset Management.The LEAN meeting has been proposed as a series of meetings where participants discuss current issues and LEAN projects in their own companies, and give each other advice on what works and how each manage issues within the topic.

The meeting will be lead by Professor Jan Frick from UIS. The first meeting is open, while further meetings are for members of CIAM. Membership also gives access to other HUB meetings, seminars.

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 09:00-12:00
Location: University of Stavanger, in Kjølv Egeland's House room C-234

Lunch will be provided. Welcome!

Be a part of CIAM

CIAM is a University-Industry collaborative competence cluster within Industrial Asset Management which aims to create values by being smarter together collaborative work sessions in our Knoweldge HUBS. Send us a message if you want to be a partner of the Cluster.

Schedule of CIAM activities are found here.