A productive kick-off meeting for the EduInd4

The 2-year project on “Educating Graduate Students for Industry 4.0” had the kick-off meeting in Stavanger, Norway. Project participants from the three collaborating institutions were present to discuss and plan for the projects’ activities.

Kick-off  meeting, EduInd4 in Stavanger, Norway Kick-off meeting, EduInd4 in Stavanger, Norway

The collaboration will foster the development of competence that will enable the students to be skilled in future industrial jobs. The planned activities include developing project-based contents of Predictive Maintenance and Operations Optimization, establishing joint research-based activities and enhancing industrial collaboration through summer industrial internships.

Kick off meeting

To start off, introductions of partner institutes were established and was first on the agenda. Among which Cluster on industrial asset management (CIAM)/UIS, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) and Nazarbayev University (NU) gave presentations.

Professor Turkyilmaz of NU presented the master program in Engineering Management: learning objectives, courses and learning methods. Professor Gudmestad gave a summary of the Norwegian oil and gas industry and highlighted main challenges related to operation and maintenance. Finally, project coordinator at UiS, associate Professor Idriss El-Thalji presented the project activities and the agenda for the discussion in the following days.

Professor Tor Hemmingsen, Head of the Mechanical and Structural engineering and material sciences department introduced the research groups, laboratories and study programs offered. Professor Obhrai, Professor Sui and Professor Frick presented their courses offered on “Offshore Wind Turbine Engineering”, “Automated Drilling production” and “Supply chain and lean management” respectively.

The partners visited the UiS Predictive Maintenance Lab, where demonstration of the fault simulator and condition monitoring systems are being done.

CIAM Data Management HUB

The partners had the opportunity to join the CIAM Data HUB seminar together with CIAM members where Professor Dag Osmundsen demonstrated illustrative examples of how to use machine learning in daily and industrial applications.

Eurasian event

To build a strong relationship for the collaboration, the team organized a Eurasian event, which was open to all UiS students to inform them about future activities and opportunities. Our Eurasian partners were well prepared, where they created a small exhibition for souvenirs and sweets from their homelands, combined with short introductory videos and explanations.  Ms Aida Sultanali shortly presented Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan and Kazakh culture. Ms Leyla Naghiyeva shortly presented Azerbaijan and Azeri culture.

Future activities and opportunities

The main activities of the EduInd4 project includes upgrading existing courses, summer school and summer internships. The summer school will be in Nazarbayev University on “Applying Industry 4.0”, 25th-29th.May 2020 that will have 6 ECTS (equivalent for 150 learning hours). UiS students who are interested to get 10 ECTS have to perform additional modules equivalent to 300 learning hours.

More information about how to apply for the summer school and other activities will be available soon.

Be a part of CIAM

CIAM is a University-Industry collaborative competence cluster within Industrial Asset Management which aims to create values by being smarter together collaborative work sessions in our Knoweldge HUBS. Send us a message if you want to be a partner of the Cluster.

Schedule of CIAM activities are found here.