About CIAM - Collaborative Competence Cluster for Industrial Asset Management

The focus of the Collaborative Competence Cluster for Industrial Asset Management is to make industrial production, manufacturing and process assets more cost effective through continued learning and innovation, and thereby contribute to increased value creation and reduced risk exposure for our industrial partners.

Industries, subsea, manufacturing and public work CIAM Collage

CIAM, with the aim of creating values by being smarter together for competitive performance, takes an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to challenge conventional knowledge and lack of collaboration when focusing on areas such as operations and maintenance, industry 4.0, digital future, life cycle cost and economics, industrial services and supply chain management, technical integrity and risk management, to mention some.

This is done through national and international collaborative networks and professional forums for information- and knowledge exchange, cooperative projects, R&D and education.

CIAM is a cooperative arrangement between the University of Stavanger (UiS) and industrial members in Norway.

Administration and day to day management of CIAM are financed through membership fees, while special projects are financed by involved partners and other external resources. The activities are performed on a non-profit basis.

Cluster for Industrial Asset Management, is a collaboration between University of Stavanger and member companies.