Professor Ove Njå

Ove Njå is professor of Risk and Emergency Management at the University of Stavanger (UiS) (2000-). Njå is a Principle Researcher at International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS). He is a visiting professor at Stord/Haugesund University College. His professional career includes 5 years in the civil engineering industry, 10 years in the petroleum industry and more than 15 years in research and education. Njå has participated in and led a large number of research projects, comprising risk analysis, risk analysis methods, risk acceptance, risk management, emergency preparedness, emergency response performance and crisis management.

Ove Njå has played a key role in the development of the educational programmes at master and Ph.D level in societal safety at the University of Stavanger.  He has been opponent to thirteen Ph.D dissertations. Njå is currently supervising 5 doctoral students in risk and safety, and 7 have finalised their work.