Additive Manufacturing Initiative in Rogaland

The group met in UIS, 28.november for a meeting an additive manufacturing and see where we are as a Region in this technology and what are the benefits and opportunities of this technology to the industry.

The meeting was held in UiS between 12:00-15:00 where actors in the Region who are engaged in 3D printing or addtitive manufacturing came.

Harald Fjogstad took the lead for the group and gave a status update, where we are now and what is the plan moving forward. Martin Forrest, who flew all the way from the UK, presented Mazak Hybrid AM. This technology is well suited for repair work and for products that require special material properties for certain features of a product.It uses special technology which unfortunately, the machine is not available in Norway today.

There is a plan to develop short courses which will be available to the industry to better undeerstand the basics of the technology This short courses will be available for CIAM partners and collaborators.

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