Asset Economy HUB Workshop

Experts from our partners, Gassco, DNV GL and UIS had a HUB working session, 26th of June for a Decision Making Workshop with Professor Reidar Bradtvold.

Professor Bradtvold is the academic HUB leader and is a Professor at the Department of Energy Resources in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Stavanger. His expertise are on Decision Analysis, Value-of-Information Analysis, Real Option Valuation, Portfolio Analysis, Behavioral Issues in Decision Making, Bayesian Decision Networks, Economic Evaluation.

Together with the HUB participants and HUB facilitator Andrew Kilmartin, Professor Bradtvold went over the basic principles of Decision Analysis (DA) and why we use it. Carefully applying DA techniques will lead to better decisions and thus better outcomes.

As an outcome for the workshops, a white paper on "Decision Analysis and Economic Valuation" will be made available to CIAM partners and core contributors by the end of summer.

Next HUB meeting is scheduled on Week 34. 

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