CIAM julelunsj 2018

The CIAM Christmas lunch was held at Ydalir Hotel where all the stakeholders heard about CIAM, its change in management and its planned activities for 2019.

As part of the management change within the Cluster, the board want to extend the scope of topics and collaboration in CIAM. This include involvement from several faculties at University of Stavanger. The Christmas lunch -which began with a meeting - was attended by the CIAM board and special guests from the industry and UiS. Bulk of the discussion was focused on the ongoing activies and finding the right balance for the next phase of CIAM.

There will be a council meeting in March where the CIAM board and 12 partners will come together, discuss possible new collaboration and research activities.

Be a part of CIAM

CIAM is a University-Industry collaborative competence cluster within Industrial Asset Management which aims to create values by being smarter together collaborative work sessions in our Knoweldge HUBS. Send us a message if you want to be a partner of the Cluster.

Schedule of CIAM activities are found here.