COM³ project at UiS

COM³: (Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies) aims to support municipalities and counties in the introduction and use of new technologies. The project focuses on rural regions.

Kick-off for COM³: towards digitally transformed SMEs in the North Sea Region Kick-off for COM³: towards digitally transformed SMEs in the North Sea Region

University of Stavanger are 2 of 26 partners in an InterReg NorthSea project. One is Stavanger Business School and the other is CIAM (Cluster for Industrial Asset Management). The project is running from 2019 to 2022. UIS utilizes student assignments to get analyses from 60 companies in Rogaland. Their reports will be basis for further analysis.

Companies in rural areas are more susceptible to change, uncertain about technological changes and therefore often unable to adapt to rapidly developing technologies. To overcome these challenges, COM³ is developing a unique model that will enable counties and municipalities to create a dynamic business environment using digital technologies.

The COM³ training and coaching model will, connected hubs as well as matchmaking and mapping initiatives combined with a comprehendible set of regulatory, financing and security guiding measures and training will provide the necessary structures to support small businesses. The COM³ partners will test the jointly developed solutions in nine pilot regions in seven countries in the North Sea region. Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain are taking part.

The project partners will develop a roadmap and a platform for the digitalization of rural enterprises and network them across borders. The aims of the COM³ project are to

  • increase the use of technologies – such as open data solutions or digital applications in industry and tourism – in rural enterprises by 15 percent, and
  • to increase the share of information and communication technology in local and regional gross domestic product in the pilot regions.

News and project updates can be found in the COM³ website here.