COM3 gets a green light

COM3 (Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies) is one of the eight projects that will receive financial support from Interreg. Interreg is the EU's program for promoting social and economic integration across borders through regional cooperation.

Norwegian players participate in half of the new projects in the North Sea program.
A total of ten applications were considered when the Steering Committee of the North Sea Program met in The Hague in the Netherlands. Eight of the projects have received a clear signal from the program, which provides financial support for collaborative projects between actors in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Four of the approved projects have Norwegian participation.
Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies will work to enhance digital knowledge in the public sector and small businesses in peripheral purchases. The Norwegian partners University of Stavanger, the University of Southeast Norway, the Municipality of Vinje and the Cluster for Industrial Asset Management will carry out two of the pilots in the project. The Norwegian partners receive a total of EUR 260,000 in support.