Data Management & Information Systems HUB

Experts in the HUB from our partners, Oceaneering, Gassco, Draga and Intergraph had a meeting 19th of June to brainstorm for new ideas and roadmap for the HUB.

The recently concluded white paper on Best Practice for Asset Digitalization Based on Smart Data and Intelligence Decisions is a group project that the HUB has worked on from the end of 2017. The team had developed a digital tool to map the stages of data transition and development into a fully digitalized systems to help support decision making through application of smart technology and industry 4.0 opportunities to develop a roadmap to realize this ambition through a maturity modelling template. Furthermore, Digital Asset Technical and Operational Features were determined. This white paper is prerequisite for future applications to bigger JIPs or  projects. More information about the white paper is found on our 2017 Annual Report.

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CIAM is a University-Industry collaborative competence cluster within Industrial Asset Management which aims to create values by being smarter together collaborative work sessions in our Knoweldge HUBS. Send us a message if you want to be a partner of the Cluster.

Schedule of CIAM activities are found here.