Digital Solutions in DNV GL

15. january, CIAM arranges a visit to DNV GL to have a better understanding of their digital solutions on Probabilistic Digital Twins and Virtual System Testing.

Photo credit: DNV GL, AI background Photo credit: DNV GL, AI background

About the event

Probabilistic Digital Twins: Combining digital twins of the asset with risk models into a “probabilistic digital twin” that provides dynamic risk management. Digital twinning is a technology trend that is sweeping across industries. DNV GL has long been a promoter of digital twins in the industries we serve, and is embracing the opportunities offered by digital twins to enhance, renew and extend our services. More information in DNV GL's external link on probabilistic twin here

Virtual System Testing: DNV GL is convinced that the combination of data-driven models and the causal knowledge of industry experts is essential when AI and ML are utilized to inform, or make, decisions in safety-critical systems. Using data from simulations and tests combined with machine learning to guide simulation-based assurance – “virtual system testing”. We have applied this for CTOD assessments for pipelines together with DNV GL pipeline experts. We have focused particularly on limitations of applying machine learning for safety-critical applications (low probability events) and how data-driven models must be combined with physical models when ML is applied for such safety-critical applications. External link on here.

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