Norway is the third largest oil and gas exporter in the world and the Stavanger-region is the undisputed oil capital of Norway. University of Stavanger has established a research and educational base in offshore technology that has attracted students not only from Norway but from all parts of the world.


The Collaborative Competence Cluster on Industrial Asset Management offers these students training in Offshore Technology on a Master of Science level. Students will aquire knowledge within engineering and management of advanced, complex and integrated industrial assets, such as production and manufacturing systems.

They will be qualified to participate in technology development and management of offshore industrial assets in all life cycle phases, (i.e. design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, modification and removal). With a Master of Science degree in Offshore Technology a world of opportunities opens up and an exciting career path lies ahead.

As a fullfilment of a Master Degree in Offshore Technology students are required to produce a Master thesis. Theses accomplished through the Centre is listed at the bottom of this page.

The Cluster, through UiS EVU, is also providing education to professionals who want to develop their skillset and add to the knowledge and education they already have. A course in Human, Technological and Organizational Factors is offered to engineers, HMS advisors, project managers, industrial leaders, or those with background in the offshore and land-based sectors. During this course you will meet lecturers from UiS, Equinor, The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority and Insitute for Energy Technology.