EUREKA a Seminar on AkerBP's digital lab

AkerBP opens its doors, 31. October to showcase their digital lab, Eurika. This interactive seminar is in collaboration with CIAM Data Management and Information HUB.

In Eureka, we have “crews” with fulltime dedicated domain experts from Aker BP and IT experts from our partner Cognite or other technology partners. Each crew is working to solve a specific challenge by developing digital solutions in 16-week-sprints, where we continuously get feedback and work together with end-users in the organization.


  • Introduction from CIAM
  • Introduction from Aker BP about the Eureka program
  • Demonstration of current use cases in development
  • Demonstration of successful use cases
  • Closing statements from CIAM
  • Opportunity to look around the offices and ask questions to the development teams after the seminar

Aker BP is ready to showcase the best digital solutions in the market. Join us for a very interactive seminar with Aker BP! Seminar will be on 31. october. Send us a message if you are interested.