Free "Live at 5" Demo and Technical Safari for WCEAM 2018

Apart from the normal proceedings of a Conference, the WCEAM 2018 will include in its program "Live @ 5" demos & technical safaris for the registered participants. The onsite demos will run after the Congress sessions at 5 o'clock in the afternoon on the 24th and 25th of September. Technical Safaris will be on the morning of the 26th of September.

Both the "Live @ 5" demos and Technical Safaris are free of charge if you are a registered participant of the conference. 

Live @ 5

The onsite demonstrations will be available on the Monday and Tuesday of the conference. Static demos for both KVS Technologies and Nordoc Unmanned will be available and will have a live demonstration at 5 PM. 

KVS Technologies specializes in robotics for critical infrastructure and real time management systems for industrial applications. They will demonstrate, present and display robotics and remote controlled equipment with sensors and manipulator functions.

Nordic Unmanned deliver products and services based on the latest unmanned technology. Their goal is to reduce or eliminate risks, save costs, and increase capabilities for our clients. They will present and display drones and survey equipment which can be used on land, under the sea and in the air.

Technical Safaries

On the morning of Wednesday, 26th of September, we will run 5 parallel technical safaries. Participants can chose to attend one of the technical safaries offered. More information here.

  1. Tour de Tunnel
  2. Robotic Rigs
  3. iPlough
  4. Integrated and Remote Operation
  5. Data inside a Green mountain

Standard rate for the conference registration is valid until 30th of August 2018. Late registration will follow after that. Check the website for more information about the 13th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management.