GPS Spoofing on transport networks

The CIAM Safety and Risk HUB arranges a seminar with Associate Professor Tegg Westbrook on GPS spoofing on transport networks, 4th of march at the University of Stavanger

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More information on the seminar:

GPS spoofing is the manipulation of time and position/location information which can affect any user, system or infrastructure that uses GPS. Since the invention of software-defined radios, any individual without any significant knowledge about the radio spectrum can spoof their own location or the locations of others. Smart phone users are also able to spoof their locations with relative ease without any legal implications.  Frequently we see state actors and even children using GPS spoofing for many reasons.

GPS Spoofing produces many challenges from creating general inconvenience, damaging corporate reputations, to threatening life.

The seminar specifically focuses on the implications of GPS Spoofing on transport networks and the unique risks posed to a variety of users and bystanders.

On Tegg Westbrook

Tegg is an associate professor in resilient cities at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Safety, Economics, and Planning. His research areas include:

  • Military, security and police technologies
  • Smart home security appliances and security-in-depth strategies
  • The electromagnetic spectrum, GPS jamming and spoofing.

Date and time: wednesday 04 march 2020 | 09.00-11.30
Place: University of Stavanger  | Kjølv Egelands Hus | Bygg C 234
Presentation and discussion will be in English, REGISTER HERE.

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