HR HUB Group Project

The HUB meeting in UiS with the theme,"Proactive and Systematic Human capital model for Business decisions" is the 5th group work session for the HUB.

The Human Capital & Organizational Development HUB work session was facilitated by Andrew Kilmartin, who newly joined the team in October 2017. He will be responsible for facilitating the CIAM HUB projects.

The small group of experts around the table came in with their input for the working document . There was an engaged discussion during the session and the group wants the document to be streamlined in order for it to be easily understood by anyone who reads it. The white paper will be updated with all the comments before the next meeting. For the HUB members, please login to the common Sharepoint room for all the relevant documents.

This was the last HUB work session for the year and will resume in the first quarter of 2018. The plan for the next meeting is to have a final review and approval of the work document and the white paper. The output for the group will be made available during the annual general meeting in 2018.

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