HR HUB on Proactive and Systematic Human capital model

This work session for the Group was the 6th meeting for the HUB which focused on working with the Matrix and white paper for "Proactive and Systematic Human capital model for Business decision".

The Human Capital & Organizational Development HUB met for a work session and continued with the project on a "Proactive and Systematic Human capital model for Business decision". The team met on the 6th of February and the agenda was focused on revising the matrix and white paper. The group has agreed to develop the structure further and clearly put the definitions. The team also simplified the table to enable use by a wider audience and included recommendations for future application and delivery. The meeting closed with a discussion of support for WCEAM upcoming later in the year. The HUB was lead by Professor Reidar Mykletun and HUB Facilitator Andrew Kilmartin.

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