HUB Project on Digital Risk in Smart Engineering Systems

The CIAM Knowledge HUBs aim to build platforms that will enhance the best atmosphere for collaboration and innovation between experts & our partners in our quest for continuous value creation. One project output comes from our Safety & Risk HUB on "Digital Risk in Smart Engineering Systems".

Safety & Risk HUB started on a new topic, The Digital Risk in Smart Engineering. After considering Integrated & Autonomous Operations the team moved into Digital Risk. The team set out principal characteristics of Smart engineering systems (i.e. Game Changers and Change Agents). These are typically: Volume of Data and Access, Shared Networks, Intelligent and predictive analytics, Integration and upgrades to smart technology systems, migration from offshore to onshore asset management and online monitoring at OEM or vendor, In addition aspects such as: outsourcing, workforce skills and capability requirements, openness and sharing balanced against confidentiality and vulnerabilities, auto-nomous technologies, system interrogation and checks, off the shelf and norms, new technolo-gy and innovation impact, common infrastruc-tures, exposure or threats and finally reliability and digital twins.

These were then revised these against positive and negative risks and considered the appropriate risk reduction or consider opportunities that could be leveraged. In addition to this step the team have started to look at benefits that can be realized. The result is a comprehensive work tool that can be used to address concerns and benefits to be realized for smart engineering systems.

The white paper on Digital Risk in Smart Engineering Systems is available to the partners and contributors of the project.

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