HUB Session on Next Generation Maintenance Management

The experts on Operation & Maintenance will meet for a HUB session to finalize the project on "Next Generation Maintenance Management on Tuesday 16. may

The work session will be in KE building at C-234 between 9-12 where experts from the region will finalize the project on the theme, "Next Generation Maintenance Management".

The operations and management HUB have developed a template based on previous fragmented and disjointed or unsynchronized and inefficient maintenance models. The team further refined the template to reflect risk based standardization aspects combined with quality based standardization aspects which combined reflect the changes in focus on Asset Management and compliance to ISO 55000 frameworks and principles.

The HUB developed solution to explain the next generation modern and bespoke maintenance framework which captured lessons learned from older maintenance systems and employed new considerations as we move in future maintenance systems by combining: PSA Basis processes, ISO 55000 and current or anticipated industrial trends.

This session is dedicated to finalizing the project and hope to produce the white paper before summer. The white paper will be available to CIAM partners and contributors of the project.

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