Keynote Speaker for WCEAM 2018

Michael Campbell – Senior Director in Facilities Management at the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service from Australia is a keynote speaker at the 13th WCEAM Conference.

Michael will be delivering a speech on the topic,“Innovative Health infrastructure and Medical service solutions in the Digital age’’.

Michael brings extensive experience in private and public sectors across property, infrastructure and facilities, major capital works, outsourced property services and FM solutions, building construction, risk management and governance roles. Michael's experience in property, infrastructure and asset management spans across a range of Queensland businesses including large scale hospital and healthcare assets and operations, commercial convention centres, Transport and Roads, Communities, Emergency Services, Queensland Treasury and Education. A seasoned commercial property manager, Michael's experience includes residential and commercial property management, complex building management and HVAC systems, heritage buildings, body corporate management, and hazmat and asbestos management.

Source: Linkedin

Interested to join the Conference? More information about WCEAM 2018 in its website: WCEAM - 2018: The 13th World Congress On Engineering Asset Management