Data Management and Information Systems

Developments within data management and information systems represent one of the most influential effects in industrial environments during the last few years.

computer screen with graph and calculations

The emergence of novel data management platforms together with electronic capabilities has introduced new operational scenarios in almost all business sectors. The impact of data and IT in technical and operational decision processes has grown considerably, and it will be even more in the future where real-time online data dependent decision processes emerge gradually. The innovation in this context has also introduced many challenges varying from security to trust related issues.

The purpose of this forum is to enable those who have passion, interests, and responsibilities in data and IT sector to join hands in exploring opportunities to make a difference in dealing with smart data in industrial environments.

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Previous themes covered:

25.February 2016 : 3D Visualization: Technology leap for Asset lifecycle data modelling & machine learning"

  • Øystein Stray, CEO of Visco

26.August 2016 : Data modelling and integration for decision support: lifecycle asset information for process safety and asset integrity.

  • Sasha Antvogel, Manager, Global Business Development, Intergraph

18.October 2016 : Digital Assets, Smart data, Intelligent decisions.

  • Børre Heggernes, CTO, Amitec AS

HUB Output:

White Paper on: Best practice for Asset Digitalization: Based on Smart data and Intelligent Decisions​

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