Previous Meetings

Previous meetings in the CIAM hub on Data Management and Information:

Previous themes covered:

20.Feb 2013 (UiS): "Large scale data organization and visualization".

  • Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk, Førsteamanuensis UiS on "Handling big data with time series character"
  • Krisztian Balog, Førsteamanuensis UiS on "Data-mining and semantic search in big-data"
  • Prof.Chunming Rong, UiS on "Privacy and Security issues in big-data analytics"

18.Nov 2014 (UiS): "Global Collaborative Product Lifecycle Data Management Solutions"

  • Kjell A. Bengtsson, Jotne on his paper, 'Global Concurrent Engineering Infrastructure for Space Projects Lifecycle (GCE)'

10.Mar 2015 (UiS): "Inter-Company Collaboration in System Life Cycle Support Information Exchange (INSPIRE)"

  • Henning Lillejord, Production Data Manager, Conoco Phillips

17.November 2015 (UiS): Role of Propriety Data for Real Risk in New Technologies

  • Rui M. Esteves, NOV, 'Challenges in Applying Machine Learning to the Oil and Gas Industry'.
  • Erdal Cayirci, NATO/UIS, 'Privacy and Technology'.

25.February 2016 : 3D Visualization: Technology leap for Asset lifecycle data modelling & machine learning"

  • Øystein Stray, CEO of Visco

26.August 2016 : Data modelling and integration for decision support: lifecycle asset information for process safety and asset integrity.

  • Sasha Antvogel, Manager, Global Business Development, Intergraph

18.October 2016 : Digital Assets, Smart data, Intelligent decisions.

  • Børre Heggernes, CTO, Amitec AS