Previous Meetings

Previous meetings in the CIAM hub on Safety and Risk:

24. Jan 2013 (UiS): "Terminology, language and techniques for risk communication".

  • Morten Sørum, Seniorrådgiver HSE and Risk Management, Statoil
  • Gunhild Vatn, NTNU

02. Oct 2013 (UiS): "Psychology of risk and risk communication."

  • Britt-Marie Drottz Sjøberg, Professor at NTNU

14. Oct 2014 (UiS): "Norwegian Risk Regulation Regime: Opportunities and Challenges."

  • Preben H. Lindøe, Professor at UIS

30. Jan 2015 (UiS): "Risks related to the authority model on NCS when cutting in maintenance and modifications."

  • Gøran Mikaelsson, Section Manager, Oceaneering

17. Sept 2015 (UiS): "Risk Driven Organization"

  • Ingrid Årstad, Risk Driven Organization
  • Cecilie Wtlesen Borge, Managing Risk Uncer Uncertain Conditions

30. Nov 2015 (UiS): "Business Case from Kverneland on a Risk System Process for an Operational Facility"

  • Egil Brastad Hansen, Technical Director, Kverneland Kverneland Group Operations Norway AS