Leaders are not important. Leadership is.

The CIAM Human Capital HUB will be having a seminar on the title,"Leaders are not important. Leadership is." at the University of Stavanger.

Rune Todnem By, Professor, UiS Rune Todnem By, Professor, UiS

Join us for an interactive event at UiS where Professor Rune Todnem By (University of Stavanger) focuses on the dilemma leaders/leadership: Many leaders don’t provide leadership and many who do, don’t perceive themselves as leaders. Rune outlines where he believes our leadership focus should be and where it should not. His intention is to make it personal. Health warning: Rune may step on some toes, and there will be the inclusion of a swearword…

Date and time: wednesday 09 October 2019 | 09.00-12.00 | Kjølv Egelands Hus | Room KE-D-303

BIO: Rune Todnem By is Professor of Change Leadership at University of Stavanger, Norway, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Change Management, co-author of Managing Change in Organizations, and co-editor of The Psychology of Organizational Change: Viewing Change from the Employee's Perspective; Organizational Change, Leadership and Ethics; and Managing Organizational Change in Public Services. His most recent publication is the article ‘Reimagining Organisational Change Leadership’ (2018, with Burnes & Hughes).

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A video of Rune explaining what is leadership: | Rune's academic profile at Research Gate: |

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