Lean and TPM Practices in an Industrial Context

In a high cost Country as Norway, it is always a risk for outsourcing. To prevent this from happening, manufacturing companies need to continuously increase their performance, deliver on quality expectations, and remain competitive on cost. To meet these needs, Lean and TPM are vital concepts for success in this industry.

Magnus Rasmussen, master student of Faculty of Science & Technology at the University of Stavanger presented his master thesis regarding the Lean and TPM Practices in an Industrial Context under the guidance of Professor Jayantha Prasanna Liyanage and Håvard Svendsvoll.

The purpose of this master’s thesis, was to make a review of Lean and TPM practices in an industrial context.

The results shows that Lean and TPM are two closely linked terms that together can create world class results through learning and empowerment of employees. In this thesis, key practices from both the concepts was used for analyzing the current situation at the Cast House at Alcoa Lista, an organization that was one of the earlier adopters of the Lean concepts. By analyzing the current situation through key practices of Lean and TPM, possible improvement suggestions were identified.

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