MENY Paulien M. Herder

Paulien Herder is a full professor “Engineering Systems Design in Energy & Industry” and section leader of the “Energy & Industry” group at Delft University of Technology.

Paulien’s research has focused on design and design processes of large complex systems. More specifically, the design, construction, maintenance and operation of infrastructures under uncertainty is the main focus of her research. It combines insights from design engineering, complexity theory and asset management.

Currently, her main interests lie within the Flexible Infrastructures programme of the Next Generation Infrastructures research programme, in particular as a programme leader for the Flexible Infrastructures subprogramme. More specifically, she currently advises Ph.D. students and postdoc researchers within this subprogramme in the area of design and operation of large-scale networks, ranging from reliability modeling at the design stage (RAM) to design principles for designing and maintaining infrastructures. She also conducts research in the area of dealing with long term uncertainty in the design and contracting stage, thereby building upon and expanding the body of knowledge of strategic asset management.

Paulien is the Director of Research and director of the Graduate School for the Department of Technology, Policy and Management of TUDelft; she is scientific co-director of Next Generation Infrastructures, and she chairs the National platform for strategic infrastructure asset management. Paulien is a fellow of ISEAM.