Open Lecture

There will be an open lecture during the CIAM annual general meeting from 10-11 on thursday, 19 of march. All CIAM members and interested parties are welcome to attend.

Capacity for profitability: Everyone who run a business wants to be profitable. And the list to achieve this endless: Continuous improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraint, TQM etc. These are all good suggestions, but why is it so difficult to implement in practical work life? Odd-Terje Høie has his background from various industries and will do some reflections about a practical attempt to apply some of these methods. Part of the implementation was a definite success but not all of it.
Project Coordinator, CIAM University of Stavanger
Drilling rigs and IOT: Data is a vital asset to analyze rig operations and suggest improvements. However, access to data has been very scarce and mostly limited to the systems generating the data. How is Odfjell Drilling making sure that it can access this asset and making sure that it benefits our operations and rig design? André Bådsvik has his background from a major oil service company, before taking on the position to manage various automation and digitalization projects for Odfjell Drilling.
Project Manager Digital Operations, Odfjell Drilling, Mobile Drilling Units
CIAM open lecture will be held in KE C334 from 10-11 on 19.march. This is open to all interested parties. Register by sending an email to