Pengyu Zhu defends his research

Thursday, 20 february, Pengyu Zhu presents his doctorate for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Stavanger.

Pengyu Zhu, PhD dissertation, UiS. Photo: Vanessa Booc Pengyu Zhu, PhD dissertation, UiS. Photo: Vanessa Booc

Pengyu defended his dissertation:

Safety Instrumented Systems in Low Demand Mode in Oil and Gas Production Process - Data-driven Decision Support for Improvements in Operation and Maintenance Practice

Both the trial lecture on "Industry 4.0 in the Oil and Gas sector: Present and Future" and defense are open for all interested parties. The event was at the University of Stavanger, Kjølv Egeland's house, E-164, entrance south.

Evaluation Committee:

1. Professor Uday Kumar, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Sverige
2. Professor David Baglee, University of Sunderland, UK
3. Associate Professor Idriss El-Thalji, Universitetet i Stavanger (administrator)

Main Supervisor: Professor Jayantha P. Liyanage, Universitetet i Stavanger

Co.supervisors: Dr. Sukhvir Singh Panesar, ConocoPhillips, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, ConocoPhillips

Leader of the defense: Institute leader: Tor Hemmingsen, Institutt for maskin, bygg- og materialteknologi, Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet.

Project Aims:

  1. Identify the critical gaps and challenges of work processes related to ESD systems in the O&M phase

  2. To explore how data and information flow affects decision qualities

  3. To evaluate the detectability of dangerous failures with online monitoring system.

  4. To optimize maintenance programs through test intervals.

  5. To improve decision support with an analytical and visual interface. 

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