Numerous projects are carried out by CIAMs affiliates and experts. These include PhD projects, industry projects and international projects. Projects play a very important role in shaping knowledge to fit the business ideas of members for use in a more sustainable and benefitting manner.


The Cluster recognizes that the two ways to establish such important projects are either by initiating own projects or being a partner for external projects. Either ways require us to have an up to date knowledge and understanding of our partners needs, business thinking and real operational challenges. By working closely and actively together in the most relevant projects such challenges can be turned into opportunities gearing towards long term value creation, for all partners, in sustainable manners.

CIAM continues to stay abreast of the latest and the newest by paying due attention to national R&D programs, the industrial sectors, state and public sectors, and international R&D programs. Interactive sessions with partners and Knowledge Hubs have very critical roles in this context.