Right time to invest in new assets in your hospital?

When is the right time to continue to hold onto existing technologies and products and when is it right to cut your losses and invest in new devices.

The medical revolution that has occurred in the last one-hundred years has truly been remarkable. With this amazing growth as well as the continued development, a major concern focused on the maintenance and replacement of the technologies and assets. This costly question plagues hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Brett Kenneth Bloch, master student of Faculty of Science & Technology at the University of Stavanger presented his master thesis regarding the Development of Testing Metrics for a Decision Model for the Replacement of Medical Equipment at a Large County Health System under the guidance of Professor Jayantha Prasanna Liyanage.

This thesis will pull in historical work order and cost data from the computerized maintenance monitoring system of Harris Health to test each designed metric and apply it to nearly 20 years of operations.

This analysis had been carried out with main and sub objectives. The goal is to identify proper points of replacement and gauge performance of each metric. The metrics sought are simple and easily calculable with existing data from the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management). The thesis will then make a recommendation of the metric that performed the best and review the past budgets of Harris Health to determine feasibility.

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