Safety & Risk HUB on: Cyber Attacks

Safety & Risk HUB will have a seminar with Associate Professor Jens Myrup Pedersen from Aalborg University, Denmark. The seminar will be at UiS on the 25th of September.

Cyber Attacks: Think like a hacker!

To protect yourself against cyber threats, it is crucial to understand how different attackers think, and how they work: Establishing the right mechanisms for preventing, detecting and mitigating attacks requires that you know the motivations, capabilities and methods of different attackers.

In this talk, Associate Professor Jens Myrup Pedersen from Aalborg University, Denmark, will first introduce the different groups of hackers, their motivations, and their capabilities. The presentation is based on real-world examples, and will also include demonstration of some commonly used tools. In the second part of the presentation, the participants are invited to bring their own computer and learn some basic hacking techniques in a closed and secure online laboratory (no harm can be done). No skills are required in beforehand.

Participants will gain insights into how hackers think and how, and thereby enable you to better take the right measures to protect yourself and your business.

Slots are limited, registration is free. Deadline for registration is 23. september

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