Shoreline AS

Doctoral Research Fellow in the area of Maintenance management and simulation modelling, Ole-Erik Endrerud is the Founder and Director of Shoreline AS.

Shoreline Picture Shoreline AS

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud founder of Shoreline AS, is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at UIS. In 2012, he finished two Master Science degrees in Offshore Technology; one specialization in Industrial Asset Management and the second in Marine and Subsea Technology.

After a successful wind farm testing with Statoil, Endrerud founded his own company Shoreline AS in the the Fall of 2014 which is co-owned by Prekubator TTO. Shoreline AS offers a simulation software called MAINTSYS. This technology offers an 'accounting of the full picture' where developers of offshore production assets gets a look into the different scenarios that will eventually aid them into designing cost efficient and effective offshore production systems. This tool can be used by engineers to support their decisions as well as to investigate resource requirements such as number and type of vessels, work processes, technology, maintenance policies, estimate OPEX and evaluate service contracts.

CIAM congratulates Ole-Erik for this brilliant technology and for his contribution to the industry.