Summer school 2020: Applying Industry 4.0

A summer school in Nazarbayev University in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan will be on 25th to 29th of May and will be on the topic, Applying Industry 4.0. Scholarship grants are available. Read more.

Summer School, Applying Industry 4.0 Summer School, Applying Industry 4.0

Important Update!

We regret to announce that because of the coronavirus concerns, the summer school "Applying Industry 4.0", has been postponed. The host, Nazarbayev University, has recommended postponing this event to prevent any potential risk. We feel it is the best decision under the circumstances.

What is the B plan?

We are thinking to postpone the summer school into August/September 2020 (that should be discussed soon). So, hopefully within this month, we are coming back with the new date and course schedule.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Course Content

Module 1: System Lifecycle Management (2.5 Ects)

  • The student learns how to analyse the entire product lifecycle: from project phase to the utilisation phase.
  • The student learns how Industry 4.0 Technologies impact the entire product lifecycle

Module 2: Operations Simulation and Optimisation (2.5 Ects)

  • The student learns how to model industrial processes and operations, Simulate and Optimise them.
  • The student learns how to estimate the impact of industry 4.0 technologies using Simulation

Module 3: Predictive Maintenance (2.5 Ects)

  • The student learns how to design equipment ready for predictive maintenance.
  • The student learns how to analyse, diagnose mechanical faults, and predict the remaining useful lifetime

A student shall be enrolled in two modules at least.

Project-Based Learning

The teaching and learning approach in this summer school is project-based learning. Therefore, the admitted students will perform a project before the final gathering in Summer 2020. The school facilitator will publish the project description (tasks descriptions) and related literature. The students will create groups and selected one industrial system related to the three focused industrial applications for this project:

  1. Offshore Oil and Gas Production
  2. Offshore Wind Energy
  3. Smart Cities

Assessment & Credit

The Summer School is accredited for 5 Ects(Two Modules) or 7.5 Ects(Three Modules). The assessment is based on the written project report and oral presentation.


  1. It is open for Master and PhD candidates.
  2. The school is free of charge.
  3. Students from UiS and ASOIU can apply for a scholarship (to cover travelling and accommodation costs).
  4. There are five places for students from other universities, however, they need to cover the expenses by themselves.