Technology and digitalisation risks in smart cities

Associate Professor Tegg Westbrook will present for the CIAM Safety & Risk HUB on Technology and digitalisation risks in smart cities.

Tegg is currently working with a H2020 proposal related to the use of GPS jamming devices in urban areas.


The presentation will cover the following topics among others:

  • Challenges and opportunities to use GPS jamming Devices
  • Raising awareness and identifying problems related to GPS jamming devices among local stakeholders.

Presentation and discussion:
One of the recurring topics nowadays is which effects technology and digitalistion have on societies, both in positive and in negative terms. A particular threat stems from the mass manufacture, trade in, proliferation and use of, ‘privacy seeking’ GPS jamming devices and military jamming equipment. In several cities around the world, critical infrastructures, such as airports and harbours, have been intentionallyand unintentionally affected by ‘privacy seekers’ (jamming distance, max 9 miles), as well as targeted by state forces with powerful equipment (jamming distance, max 200km). Jamming devices provide a range of strategic opportunities for terrorists, state actors/proxies and criminal gangs, from spoofing (misdirecting ships by producing false signals), cargo theft, to simply affecting emergency calls and emergency responder communication. In this session, we want to address the challenges related to GPS jamming devices for the city of Stavanger, in particular for its critical infrastructures.

Register here before 08 March, and give us early notice if you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to participate in this HUB.

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