Technology innovation and trends - Identifying innovation opportunities

On the 7th of February, the CIAM Technology & Innovations knowledge HUB will have a presentation on Identifying innovation opportunities to be lead by Associate Professor Knut Erik Bang

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On the presentation

There are rapid developments happening in many technology areas. Many of these developments can have an impact on our business and existing products and services. One of the recurring themes of the day is digitization and its effects. This is one of the trends in technology, but not the only one. There are several trends happening in parallel that are mutually reinforcing and that have the power to transform industries. In this session, we want to address what are the main technology trends that are evolving now. Further, we want to address how we can use these trends to identify opportunities for innovation in our products and services. Understanding what is happening around us can change it from threats to new opportunities for growth.

There will be a presentation covering:

  1.  What are the main technology trends happening now
  2.  How can we practically identify how this gives opportuni-ties for innovation in our products and services

We will also have a discussion on the possible industry/university co-operation in this area.

The workshop will be at UiS, Kjølv Egelands Hus D-303 from 12:15-14:00. Send a message to if you wish you participate.

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