WCEAM 2018 - Abstracts, Papers, and Special sessions – Dates are still open

The congress committee has extended the deadline for the submission of Abstracts to the 26th of January. Please don't forget to drop by our website for new information.

The 13th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM-2018) have already received a great number of Abstracts, new creative themes for Special sessions, and various exciting ideas for Training events. These will be highlighted in our Congress web soon. The World Congress still keep the dates open for submission so that all of you in our Academic and Industrial community can actively involve and create an exciting event. We look forward to your top quality Abstracts, Research papers, Special sessions, and Industrial case presentations.
The WCEAM-2018 Congress covers a wide range of Technical themes related to engineering, operations, and management of Engineering assets and Public infrastructures. We look for a good blend of traditional vs. emerging, as well as, academic vs. industrial papers and presentations. Use the opportunities of the Congress to earn the deserving recognition for your top quality research and industrial activities.
We gladly remind all of you that; all papers and proposals submitted to the Congress will be peer-reviewed by expert reviewers in our International Scientific and Review panel with top global experts from various technical domains, all research papers selected through the review process and presented at the Congress will be published in the Springer e-book  titled, “Engineering assets and Public infrastructures in the Age of Digitalization”, and the Best paper(s) and the Best Industrial case(s) of the Congress will be rewarded at the Gala dinner in front of a distinguished audience.

Please feel free to contact us anytime and visit the WCEAM-2018 webpage for more exciting updates.

This event is hosted by CIAM and ISEAM and is in collaboration with Nordic Edge.