White papers completed in October

CIAM have completed another two white papers in October 2018. We have 6 white papers, with relevant themes that are a product of the CIAM Knowledge HUBs, and the Collaboration of the Industry and Academia.

Asset Economy and Cost Engineering HUB

Asset Economy HUB, lead by Professor Reidar Bratvold, completed the paper titled “Decision Quality and Economic Analysis” focusing on Performance Based Contracts selection. This was based on Bratvold’s presentations and workshops using his recent research proceeds and applying the approach outlined in his book co-authored with Steve Begg “Making Good Decisions” SPE, 2010. The white paper benefitted enormously from the Performance Contract Selection and research work completed by Andres Felipe Medinas who completed his MSc in 2017, so it is good to see Student involvement and participation in the HUB being recognized here.

Operations and Maintenance Knowledge HUB

The OM HUB finalized the White paper “Next Generation Maintenance Management” which developed a NexGen Maintenance Model interactive tool. This tool is complete with framework activities to enable compliance and alignment with ISO 55000 and new features were introduced to improve on PSA’s Maintenance Management Framework. As a result, focus areas related to Resource Needs concerning  Operational Technology and ICT/Data Sharing were identified and introduced and new Technical Integrity issues associated with: Environmental Impact and Asset Maintenance Costs were described and included in the framework.

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